Solar Water Pump

 Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pump

solar power energy is recently tapped powerful energy resource, it may soon become a vital source of energy in the future. To say in short solar energy is the conversion of sunlight into usable energy. This solar energy usage I extending 25 percentage every year.

A solar water pump can run by solar energy through photovoltaic cell. This is the most efficient mode of generating electricity. This entire system can be used for agriculture. These solar water pumps can be used for small and large scale irrigation.


Solar Water Pump price in india

wattages for water pump:

Water pump (deep well) = 250–1100

The daily power consumption for water usage is much higher, we offer various solar water pumps. Solar water pumps are cost effective and it is far better when compared to diesel generators. There occurs varying solar energy levels which can deliver maximum water using MPPT technology. This system can be used for both mono block or submersible pumps. Installation is simple when compared to other systems.

Benefits of solar water pumps:
Maintenance free,
Longer life,

SPEI offers PV modules, which generate DC energy very efficiently and reliably from sunlight. This system can  withstand in extreme weather conditions such as storm, rainfall, snow. Our system has a long lasting life span and maintenance free. The solar water pump systems are available in various type based on the applications and need.

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  1. I am interested in solar energy system, which will take care of bore well and home lightning at my farm house, Pump capacity requirement is 1/2 to 1 inch water out put. Please also let me know any government subsidy available.

  2. R/S


    plz sent solar water pump price list dist yavatmal in maharashtra

  3. I want price for solar panel and submersible water pump. 1/2hp. 1hp

  4. Pls let me know the price of solar pump sets. i’m interested to buy.
    Cal me on 9603967731

  5. Pls sand me solar pump sets 5hp. and call now +919558727436

  6. I need a Solar water pump to lift the water from a 40 feet well and deliver the water at my form land at a distance of 2635 mtr and height of delivery hesd is 175 feet.
    I expect 100000 ltrs of water per day.
    Kindly suggest a economy solution on my requirement.
    DT Bhoye

  7. Kindly have our introduction as below:

    We are pleased to introduce our business supplies for Solar PV module manufacturing to your esteemed organization. We are associated with world’s renowned Manufacturers of such equipments, components and Raw materials. We also do provide whole supply chain as Turnkey solutions. Our product range includes but not limited to following:

    1. Solar Cells of 2 BB/ 3 BB for 15-18% efficiency of any quantity for immediate delivery from well known brands from China, Taiwan & Europe.
    2. Excellent quality of JBOX for any size of module for 2 W-300 W. JBOXes are of very good quality and also with Dual TUV & UL certification of higher models, yet at very competitive prices. There are many existing customers in India who have evaluated these JBOXes and using satisfactorily. The samples can be arranged within 2-3 days on your site for your testing immediately. We have MC4 connectors, branch connectors and crimping tools also for solar system integration.
    3. Any Size and thickness of Al Frame of excellent aesthetic looks i.e. 38, 40, 42 or 44mm etc from India as well as China and Malaysia.
    4. Ultra fast cure EVA and Back sheet of given standard width and thickness.
    5. Solar PV Flux from a well known and excellent US brand, more competitive than Kester or all well known brands in market in quality with least residues.
    6. 2mm & 5 mm solar ribbons and Solder wire can be provided.
    7. Si Sealant cartridges at competitive pricing can be provided locally manufactured in India with Malaysian technology.
    8. Daily consumables like gloves, caps, masks, shoe-covers etc. along with machine consumables like Si Membrane, Si oring, Filters, Vacuum pump oil, Hydraulic oil etc.
    Apart from above BOMs, please let me know if you are also looking for accessorial items and machines to assist your production line like as;
    1. Gel Testing set up
    2. Auto Bus bar cutting Machine
    3. Adhesion/Pull Tester
    4. Tables, Trolleys, Soldering Irons/Stations/Platforms, transfer carts like Glass transfer, module transfer, cell transfer etc. Everything can be arranged locally from India only, to avoid all heavy import duties etc.

    Please let us know your specs and quantity for BOM so that we can send you the product catalogues and offers accordingly, the same can be arranged at most competitive pricing with least delivery time.
    We also Provide all kinds of Solar PV Module Equipments at very competitive prices on Turnkey basis like all size of laminators, testers, lasers, Framing M/c , Accessorial machines etc.
    We also do provide whole supply chain for Solar EPC projects.
    1. MC4 Connector
    2. Branch Connectors
    3. Copper Cables in all sizes
    4. Array Junction Box or Combiner box
    5. Solar modules and Mounting Structures
    6. Solar Power plant
    Awaiting your valued reply to proceed further

    Sanjay Kumar

  8. I want agriculture solar submarsibal 5hp water pupm pricechart.Call 8721979568

    • Dear Sir

      Currently we are not doing agricultural pump – because some state governments are offer 100% subsidiary for the submersible pump. please contact your local government sector for more information.


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