Solar Cookers

Solar Cookers

Solar Cookers

Solar cookers work at one in the same principal. This can also be used in rural areas. Solar cooking can be completed in the three steps.

Gaining the Heat:
The first step is absorbing the solar energy by dark surface and gaining heat for cooking.
Prevents Loss:
Then Retaining the heat by transparent cover which allows heat to enter inside, but not allowing the heat to escape. This can prevent loss due to the external environment.
Reflecting Surface:
At last getting the extra sunlight by means of extra reflecting surface to promote the cooking performance.

Best solution to save electricity and for fast cookin

g. Solar cooker is designed for Commercial and domestic Usage. This dish can withstand the heavy wind speed and it is constructed with high-quality reflective material.
Solar dishes can be moved easily with the flexible wheel arrangement. Ideal design for all temperature and regions.

Application :

It can be used for boiling, cooking and frying and more.

Solar cookers can be used in domestic as well as commercial canteens, hotels, restaurants, industrial places.

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