Solar Car India

 Solar Car India

Solar Car India

The amount of energy from the sun is very high compared to the overall energy requirement and consumption in the country. It is estimated by industry experts that millions of homes around the world are going to switch to solar energy in the next few years. Let us switch our home to solar home today!!!! This is the right time to make use of this gifted resource. And this clean and enormous source acts the substitute for other non-renewable sources of energy which pollutes our environment.

solar car india price

The Solar cars combine is the technology which is used in automotive industries. The design of a solar car various by the amount of energy input into the car. Most solar cars have been built for the purpose of solar car races. The solar array consists of hundreds of PV solar cells converting sunlight into electricity. In order to construct an array, PV cells are placed together to form modules and then this can be placed

together to form an array. The Solar powered cars are electric cars that are charged by sunlight. This is totally pollution-free, and they do not emit any harmful gases.

India’s first connected and intelligent solar powered passenger¬†car is ready toNew Mahindra electric car is e2o Reva E2OPrice Rs 6,00,00

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