How solar power energy works in India, on grid off grid solar energy India


There are two types solar power energy systems available in India

  1. On grid solar power energy in India
  2. Off grid solar power energy in India


  1. On Grid Solar power energy in India

On grid solar power energy in India is called collecting solar power from the solar panel and transfer to the EB line/power grid/electricity board. The accumulated energy from the solar panel is converted to an electricity and upload to the power grid/utility line. So saving energy is transfer to the government power line. The amount of electrical energy generates is used for your home electrical equipment, balance transfer to the power grid. is called on the grid.

On grid is best and most advanced way in the solar power energy, Because it does not hold any battery setup for hold the ch

arge. It’s cost effective system compare to the off-grid solar power.

Off-Grid solar power energy system.

The Off-grid solar power energy system is a not connected to the power grid. It saves the electricity into the battery banks and used it when its need. This is system needs lots of investment for the solar batteries and also occupy your space to bank your batteries.



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